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The concentration of foreign economic activity, as a sub-sector of trade at the intermediate link between production and consumption, has a positive effect on the development of commercial relations in general, being a natural consequence of the separation of business processes and the specialization of labor.

For conducting international trade business by experienced professionals in the fields of foreign economic activity (finance, customs law, international logistics), we offer rational solutions to organizational and financial issues that will allow you to concentrate on your own strategic decisions of core business, increasing sales and business adaptation to changing market conditions.

By organizing the delivery of goods we control and bear responsibility for the observance of contractual obligations for supplies, quantity and quality in an agreed time frame.

Complex of trade and intermediary services

Organization of wholesale purchase and sale: logistics, customs, warehousing and storage, the transformation of the range of goods, distribution.

• Protecting the interests of partners as their own

• Up to 90% reduction required documents and operational processes

• Saving resources on the maintenance and control of its own departments of foreign economic activity

• Single Window Processes: Clear Financial Reporting and Individual Consultation

• We guarantee fulfillment of obligations

A qualified staff of specialists responsible for all the functionality of foreign trade activities organizes the processes according to the needs and tasks:

• Search for manufacturers with meetings and negotiations, selection of potential Partners, carrying out inspections of manufacturers and a survey report of independent expert services to monitor product quality and compliance.

• Comprehensive check of the status of participants in the transaction, financial position, business reputation of the company through open sources and appeals to authorized international organizations.

• Legal support with representatives of another state and transactions under international law in accordance with the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, Federal Laws On the Principles of State Regulation of Foreign Trade, and on Currency Regulation and Currency Control.

• Development and selection of a competent logistics chain through all major transport routes, taking into account operational implementation and minimizing the risks of additional costs.

• Preparation of documentation for declaration in accordance with the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union, certification of goods, if required by the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

• Interaction with representatives of customs authorities, the service of veterinary and phytosanitary supervision, as well as other state representatives of the parties to the transaction.

• Providing supporting documents and information on trading operations for currency control to the bank in accordance with established deadlines and reporting forms.

• Control of timely fulfillment of obligations under international contracts, contracts with transport and logistics and other participants in a trade transaction.

On the one hand, we help manufacturers regulate product sales by immediately paying for the cost of goods, on the other hand, we provide an important service to Russian trading companies, saving them from a number of tasks and waste of their own resources associated with creating their own functionality of foreign economic activity, the need to make significant investments and to understand technical organizational issues.

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