Planning and forecasting sales are a mandatory element of the activities of each commercial enterprise in a market economy.

We determine the strategy and tactics of marketing activities for each commodity item separately.

To achieve the targets we use the following indicators:

• Wholesale trade;

• International trade;

• Intra-system trade in the whole database and by product groups;

• Distribution of wholesale trade in warehouse and transit;

• Wholesale stocks by groups of goods in the whole base for the beginning and end of the planned period;

• Commodity support of wholesale trade;

• Organizational and technical measures to implement the plan of trade.

When planning sales, we take into account the total demand for goods, which is determined by summing up the plan for the trade of the main Partners and the difference in inventory at the end and at the beginning of the planned accounting period.

In addition, through Affiliate Marketing, we collect and process data on the status and future changes in the situation in industry and regional markets, which makes it possible to reduce the error in general demand forecasting and customer opportunity data.

In the process of research, we give an assessment of the implementation of the plans for wholesale trade and the supply of goods to customers. We identify the influence of factors on the development of wholesale trade, studying the causes of deficiencies in commercial and commercial activities, if any, develop and implement measures to prevent them. Causes of deficiencies in the supply of goods can be indicators of the total volume, quantity, quality and timing of their receipt, deficiencies in the organization of active commercial activities, and so on.

The study is conducted in each direction of the sale of goods and with details on their types, which allows to identify in detail the possibilities and directions for the development of the wholesale sale of goods.

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