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  • Бизнес
    Purchase and sale
    International trade,
    distribution, marketing.
    A large selection of reliable
    suppliers, warehouses
    around the world,
    innovative technologies for international trade.
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  • Бизнес инвестиции
    Investment support,
    organization of FEA.
    Only professional financial
    instruments from
    start to finish trade.
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  • Бизнес аудит
    Professional FEA solutions:
    Finance, Customs Law,
    international logistics.
    Extensive experience in regulating
    integration processes
    in the relationship of
    with the innovation of foreign economic activity.
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Trading house Olymp - professional solutions in the field of foreign trade

International trade plays a key role at the present stage of development of the Russian economy, as it is an active conductor of foreign products to the domestic market for both direct consumption and domestic production.

We cover the entire process from the supplier to the buyer

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Main activities

TD Olymp is a trading company specializing in the sale of goods and related processes:

  • International trade;
  • Transport and logistics services;
  • Investment support for transactions;
  • Marketing and sales of goods.

Professional staff

The development and growth of employees is one of the top priorities. A specialized training system allows you to effectively organize professional and career growth within the company and, as a result, the development of new commercial areas of the company. Constructive communication with Partners and all participants in the chain is one of the key factors in strengthening trade relations.

Innovative control systems

We create and adapt information systems and technologies for managing business processes of goods distribution of wholesale trading companies to optimize the functioning of the supply chains of goods and services, which increases the profitability of the Partners business. By organizing a competent and timely information exchange, we can significantly save time and reduce the risks of additional costs.

Presentation of the company

Partnership Development

Reliable partnership is the main factor of stability in business development

Constant optimization of supplies, strict adherence to the agreed dates, accuracy of packaging, stable product quality, mandatory deferred payment, long-term cooperation.

Effective business strategies

Innovative digital solutions

Reliable time-tested suppliers

Innovative technologies of TD Olymp focused on the development of trade and partnerships in the field of FEA

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Tools for the dynamic development of FEA

Investment support and trade finance

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Rational decisions in the field of FEA

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Stable with us!

TD Olymp
Company benefits

  • Transaction and trade finance
  • Professional approach and rational solutions
  • Supply Chain Optimization and Related Business Processes

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