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10+ years on the distribution market

Дистрибуция Дистрибуция товаров

Your sales representative

Distribution, Sales Representative

We are open for a constructive dialogue on the implementation of wholesale purchases and sales of goods B2B, HoReCa, Retail and further distribution in the regions of Russia.

Storage and sale of bulk stocks

Provision and training of commercial managers

Organization of transportation and customs clearance

Financing and commodity lending

Order service

Business Collateral

We will provide effective trading operations, minimizing risks and expenses when searching for Partners in foreign markets


Implementation and adaptation of information and communication technologies (IT), highly effective methods for improving communications

Investment support and organization of sales processes

Information services for current and new Partners: buyers of wholesale lots of goods and / or a range of services

Control of warehouse technological operations associated with the process of storing bulk stocks

Responsibility for a certain part of the commercial risk

Placement of an order for the production of goods in accordance with the terms of the contract, the needs of customers for the assortment, quantity and quality

Regularly examine demand and market conditions within individual segments of the product market

Timely provision of buyers with goods in accordance with orders, contracts and contracts

Product Lending

The formation of wholesale stocks, warehouse storage in order to quickly meet the demand

Effective financial management and concentration of wealth in order to create a rhythmic supply of trading partners

Sales representative

Assistance in organizing participation in international exhibitions. Professional Translator


Accelerate all communications and establish promising trade relations

Advance preparation: translation of documentation, advertising catalogs, booklets and brochures, familiarization with products and the market

Presentation at exhibitions by a native speaker, accompaniment at negotiations, business meetings

Structured consultation and clarification of customs procedures and features of the market

Import samples for the exhibition

Organization of logistics and customs formalities of exhibition products and samples, equipment and other support for advertising events

Declaration of temporary importation by ATA Carnet

Transportation and further support


We identify the most promising product areas, set and carry out tasks on the methods of positioning and further implementation, taking into account motivational schemes in sales channels and data collection, contacts of participants.

Development of a market share development strategy

Identification of consumption sectors and dynamics, segmentation

Identification of suppliers and brands on the market