TD Olymp is a trading company whose office is located in the center of the northern capital of the Russian Federation, the city of St. Petersburg.

We specialize in the sale and purchase of goods and related processes; we import goods into the domestic market both for direct consumption (finished goods for consumption) and for domestic production (raw materials, equipment).

A number of advantages that allow you to dynamically develop over the years:

• Financing transactions and goods lending;

• Professional approach and rational decisions in foreign economic activity: customs clearance, certification, logistics;

• In information systems - own development of CRM systems and E-commerce solutions for optimization of supply chains and related business processes;

• Specialized profile training system - quality management and development of new directions;

• Transparency of transactions and business reputation.

Organization and regulation

Organization and regulation

Ensuring the construction and harmonious functioning of the trading system - organization and accounting, as the basis of commercial relationships.

• Regular monitoring of the fulfillment by the parties of contractual obligations, as well as the timely and uninterrupted receipt of goods of good quality and quantity.

• Regulation of sales due to the accumulation and rational movement of goods: the observance of delivery dates, the fulfillment of contractual obligations in terms of volume, range and quality of goods supplied.



The organization of a qualitative relationship between the buyer and the supplier of goods increases the profits of all participants in general.

• Market research and advertising

• Lending and financial participation in procurement

• Transport and logistics services, customs formalities

• Consolidation, stockpiling, storage



Determining the level of necessary expenses

Formation of an effective logistics support and operational implementation, taking into account the main transport routes and minimizing risks, leads to additional costs.

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